Loosen and stretch painful musclesreduce stress, and improve circulation with my gentle/chair yoga classes!

Here's a chair yoga class yoga sequence with my chair yoga student Monique!

Do you want to try yoga which is not too demanding but still gives you all the great results? Try Chair Yoga!

How many times have you heard that yoga is really good for the mind, body and soul... but also feel intimidated by the pretzel-shaped Insta pictures??

Sounds like you? Well, I have a good news for you.

Yoga doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, simplicity often is the best solution for all kinds of problems. 

Chair yoga is often overlooked as something which "only old people" do that. That's not true. Yoga is for any body and everybody, and by that, I truly mean everybody.

 Lemme tell you a little bit about myself.

A little over one year, I decided to put my passion for yoga and 20 years of experience in physical therapy into something new. I embarked on this journey of revolutionizing the way people restored their energy levels in just one hour WITHOUT breaking the bank. 

What I mean is we offer highly personalized hybrid yoga sessions for everyone who wants to achieve any life goal...in as less as $40  $20.

Here’s what my Weekly Chair Yoga class students are saying about my sessions

That's Anne Marie, one of my sweet yoga sessions' student.

That's Dave, Anne Marie's husband. Couple Goals!!

Here’s Why You Need To Sign Up For Weekly Chair Yoga Sessions

Are you..

An older adult

Do you want to do a bit of exercise just to keep moving around...but don't want something too challenging? My chair yoga classes can help you with that.I have a lot of elderly clients who practice chair yoga with me. 

Having issues with knee, ankle, wrist etc (age doesn't matter)

Do you have weak or painful joints? Do you have a poor balance? My chair yoga classes can help you with that. I have gentle exercises that can improve your sense of balance and breathing exercises to soothe your senses.

In your pregnancy

Are you expecting a little one soon? That's great! Gentle chair yoga classes can help you with the little nuances of pregnancy (such as mood swings, cramps). I can provide totally customized exercises which are safe for your delicate stage.

Then I think I you simply have to try my Weekly Chair Yoga classes!

I can help you with

Increase your pain management skills

My chair yoga classes can help you in increasing your pain management skills. I can show you poses for any kind of body or joint paint, which'll help you cope up with the pain. I can show you breathing and meditation techniques to cope with the pain and discomfort.

Having better quality sleep

 My chair yoga classes can help you in getting a better quality sleep. I can show you gentle exercises which anybody can do - not too easy, not too difficult - that'll help you reduce stress and get a good night's sleep.

Improve your flexibility

My chair yoga classes can help you with mobility issue such as tying your shoelaces. Any mobility issue can be fixed in my chair yoga classes, and you'll be slowly improving your flexibility!

Here are some images I took during sessions

That's me :D

Good job, Dave!

Those are all my chair yoga students :)

About The Course Teacher,
(Camellia Jakominich)

I started my journey with yoga 12 years ago. Being a naturally curious person, I tried several types of yoga (Bikram, Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Aeriel). I am a mother of 2 boys and stayed home full time for 3 years. I decided to get certified as a yoga instructor through YogaFit. I also have a degree in Physical Therapy as a PTA and have been a practicing therapist assistant for over 20 years. My experience with Physical Theraphy and Yoga have enabled me to make yoga more inclusive to people who may have physical limitations. I have a degree in Psychology which assists in brings the mind/body connection to the forefront. 

Camellia Jakomininch

Here’s what my class students are saying about me!


From UK

You were amazing as always! 

Camille!! Sorry I’m not able to make the live shows this week but I’ve just gone through this one!! And wow! My dads best friend has literally just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia!! ? So this is fantastic! I will take these moves and show him how to do them next week when I see him!! ?? You were amazing as always! Thank you!!


From California

You’re GREAT about giving alternative moves 

It’s great having the “patient Earthlite” next to me for me to tell me again and again about position & stabilize me. So thanks AGAIN my Adopted Sweet "One Tough Chick! Seester" Camille! You’re GREAT about giving alternative moves to those who have problems with some of them. As you can see that I do!

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